Steps to preventing addiction in your family

Even though addiction is prevalent all over the world, the truth is, that not everyone will get addicted.

If someone in your family is addicted, and you want to prevent the remaining members from following suit, the best solution is to prevent it.

Similarly, if no one in your family is addicted, and you want to stop it from ever happening, preventing it is the way to go. In this piece, you will learn the important steps to preventing addiction in your family.

Understand the concept of addiction

One of the best ways to prevent something is to understand what it means. You need to make your family understand that addiction is divided into two categories, behavioral and substance addiction.

Therefore, if they have any addictive habit apart from drugs and alcohol, it falls under behavioral addiction. Additionally, you need to teach them how addiction develops.

Most times, it occurs when we get so used to a habit that we enjoy it without realizing the dangerous effects that come with them.

Teach them to identify triggers/temptations

People who are addicted can easily give in to their addictive habit anytime they are faced with triggers. Hence, you need to teach your family how to spot these triggers so that they can avoid them.

Some of these triggers could be people, places, events, etc. If you want your family to live a life free of addiction, learning to identify these triggers is important.

Keep a healthy life

Sometimes, people get addicted because of a long history of unhealthy living. It is important to encourage each member of your family to inculcate healthy habits. This includes eating a nutritious diet, exercising regularly, taking enough water, sleeping for 7-8 hours, etc.

Overall, it is important to get your family members to open up to you. An addictive habit can be easily formed in secrecy. When they begin to keep secrets from you about their activities, they can addicted in the long run.